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Case Study Assignment

Subject: Criminal Law

The Case of Adele Vs The state in the death of Victor

This case involves the trial of Adele, an Australian woman charged with the murder of her husband Victor. In brief, Adele has shot and injured Victor, her husband of 12 years. Prior to the shooting, Victor had turned to be an abusive husband, frequently assaulting and even causing physical injury on Adele. After the shooting, Adele made an emergency call to the local police and ambulance, where the husband was immediately taken to hospital. However, a road accident involving other vehicles delayed his transport to the hospital and the medical team at the hospital administered an anaesthetic drug, but he was allergic to it. Within few hours, Victor was pronounced dead. The legal question in this case is whether to charge Adele with murder or manslaughter. On her defence, this paper will argue that Adele’s intention was not to kill Victor, but she shot him on her self-defence because it was evidence Victor was a threat.

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Financial Analysis Assignment

Subject : Finance

Topic : Give a buy or sell recommendation on Tesco Plc’s stock

In the case of Tesco Plc, it is noted that that liquidity performance has been improving over the last three years. In the year of 2008, the company had £0.61 of assets to cover every £1 liability. In other words, it can be said that as compared to the total liabilities, the company had only 61% of assets. The ration observed to be improving in the following years as in 2009 the ratio improved to 1:0.77 and in 2010 in reached to 1:0.73. Although there is a fluctuation too, but since it is a retail business, the companies have to utilize all the resources to generate high sales and profitability. Analyzing the competitor, Sainsbury’s, it is observed that it had rather stronger position in 2008, but due to economical and financial crisis, the company is unable to stabilize its liquidity performance (Tesco Plc, 2010).

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Business Management Report Assignment

Subject: Business Management

Topic: Work Placement Based On Work Experience as Visitors Assistance at the National History Museum

Perpetuating and creating a business that is successful has always been a challenge. The current only-the strong-survive business world, managers require top-notch training and they should remain unshakable through acquisition of the desired skills. Business management has been defined as the coordination of material, human and resources pertaining to finances that are used to attain or accomplish organizational goals. In this field of management, workers with the necessary skills allow the efficiency of the business where they fuel prosperity and spirit of entrepreneurship. Careers within such a field have always presented many with the opportunity to explore myriads of markets and companies. The provision of information to larger pools of clients has always been the key in the success of any organization.

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Project Management Assignment

Subject: Project Management

Topic: Project Planning using Ms. Project

Develop a project plan using MS Project 2010(or 2007), and ensure that the seven main phases in the construction of a dwelling are represented in the project plan, and reports are presented showing summary levels of detail.

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